Boston Gift Certificate Guide

Boston Gift Certificate Guide

The default for gift givers when not sure of what to gift tends to be gift certificates. Gift certificates to a favorite clothing store, chocolatier or to buy a new pair of running shoes. We love all of those ideas. But our favorite types of gift certificates are those that give experiences. Physical gifts aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. But when you give the gift of an experience, those memories do. For that reason, we want to share with you our Boston gift certificate guide.

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Sharing the Simplified Life!

There’s no better feeling than when a potential client contacts Fini Concierge based on a current client’s recommendation. Not only does it confirm that our clients are happy with the service and support that we are providing them, but it also means that we are making a positive impact on their daily lives so they decide to share information about us with their friends and family. It also is meaningful to us that they care enough to help us grow and expand. Continue reading

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Give the Gift of Time: Personal Concierge Gift Certificates

If you’ve seen the recent episode of Modern Family, you’ll know giving gift certificates for personal concierge services is an experiential gift that is fun to use and appreciated. It’s the perfect gift if you are looking for a personal and thoughtful gift to give your friends and family.

While there are endless occasions to gift personal concierge services, here are a few to keep in mind as the invitations arrive and celebrations approach. Continue reading